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Change backorder to invoice

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Change backorder to invoice

I put no. of items to the backorder column if there are insufficient stock available when I enter an invoice.

MYOB then will auto create a duplicate invoice number for this backorder as an order.


But when these items become available, how could I change the backorder to the original invoice instead of MYOB create another duplicate invoice?



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Re: Change backorder to invoice

Hello returntoforums,


There are two situations where you should enter a backorder:

1) Where you order items from a supplier, but they do not ship them all to you, instead advising they will send more items later.

In this case you should receipt any goods you are billed for fully into the system, and produce a backorder for the remaining items outstanding.

I order 100 Rubber Ducks.

I receive 20 Rubber Ducks, a bill for the 20 ducks, and am informed the further 80 will come at a later date.

In this case, I should use a backorder for the remaining 80.


If you are receiving goods before the bill has been issued, then you should use the Receive Items feature as discussed here:  Using Receive Items


2) You receive an order from a client, but are unable to fulfill the whole order.  Instead of waiting until you have all of the goods available, you send them the goods you have available, and a bill.  You create a backorder to indicate that you owe them additional goods.

In this situation, the backorder is treated as a separate order in MYOB, and is billed separately. 


Note, if you instead wait to send out the goods as one shipment at a later date, you should just use an order, instead of a back order.



Regarding updating the original invoice instead of using the backorder:

Due to the nature of inventory in MYOB, you will not be able to update the amount shipped on your original invoice automatically to the full amount, you could manually move the invoice date to the date you ship the last of the goods, and update the amounts. 

This would be a process of:

1) Delete the Backorder invoice (still at Order stage)
2) Open the original Invoice

3) Change the Date to the date you shipped the last of the goods

4) Change the numbers of goods shipped to the full amount.


This will have impacts on both your GST/BAS reporting and Inventory systems, and would not normally be recommended.

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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