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Enterprise Upgrade

I have a client in the process of upgrading from Premier to Enterprise.  We currently have two different data files in two different locations and the upgrade to enterprise will mean that we can work off one data file, but still keep the data for the two office separate.  The main office data file is not current.  Do we upgrade a premier file into enterprise or create a new data file.   I am looking for any suggestions to make the integration as seemless as possible.  If anyone has had problems doing this before what should we look out for.  What is the audit trail and security for user ids like?  Are there any major differences in using premier and enterprise.

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Re: Enterprise Upgrade

Hi Tracey,


I had a client who purchased another business in a different location and upgraded his current file onto Enterprise & then began adding the new business data from the point in time that he began operating the new business, not quite the same thing as your siutaution.. There is no difference in the way the software functions other than in the inventory module. If you wish to keep the 2 sites separate you will need to set up jobs or categories so the transcations can be tracked separately. Have you already purchased the software ?



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Re: Enterprise Upgrade

Hi Tracey


There is no upgrade required for the files, just copy them to the new new server.  There is no difference in the Audit Trail (still fairly poor) but you do have the ability to use multiple locations and negative inventory.  The big advantage of Enterprise is speed - in a Terminal Services environment you only have to send keystrokes and screen shots over the network, not the whole file.  MYOB have indicated that once the new multi-user version of AccountRight 2011 is released next year Premier & Premier Enterprise will be combined.  There is 3rd Party software available that will combine data files for reporting.



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