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General Journal Entries for Payroll in Accoutntright Plus

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General Journal Entries for Payroll in Accoutntright Plus

Hi I am wanting to know if I have done the correct journal entries in the general journal for my payroll ,as while running the company data auditor for the month end procedure for April it has come up with GST code exceptions (cash transactions) after running the GST exception review. All of these exceptions are for my payroll. My General journal entries have been imported from my MYOB Payroll (I created journals for these in the payroll then saved them). The entries look like this in the General Journal:


4/4/12 Pay Num 345

1-6000 National Bank Cheque A/c                                                                 4422.03 (Credit)

2-3000 Payroll Deductions Payable (Courts etc)                                          110.00 (Credit)

2-1310 PAYE Tax Payable (Includes Kiwisaver)                                            981.47 (Credit)

5-2650 Gross Production Wages                                        4633.50 (Debit)

6-4430 Gross Admin Wages                                                  880.00 (Debit)


There are 4 pays for the month of april I have just shown the first one and all of the debits and credits match- there is no amount out of balance.


Am I supposed to be entering something else into the journal to stop this GST code exception from coming up or is this normal for this to happen? I read in the notes that I was supposed to set up a liability account for wages clearing. I entered this (wages clearing liability account 2-0400) into my payroll under Tools - Options - Accounting - Default general ledger code for payroll liabilities. Is this correct as this entry has not come through to my Accountright Plus, only the above Accounts have been transferred and they are all correct figures. I am just wanting to know if this wages clearing account is meant to have amounts in it. I dont see the need to have this clearing account when it all looks correct above.


Also while running the company data auditor it also picks up future dated entries which I have entered for May. Is it okay to enter current (May)  transactions before the previous month (april) has been checked and locked? I take it that it is fine to do this but I just thought I would ask as my last software did not allow you (NZA Gold).


Great thank-you I hope I have made sense.



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Re: General Journal Entries for Payroll in Accoutntright Plus

Hi Kirsty


It sounds like your payroll has not been setup correctly.  If your payroll has been set up correctly there would not be GST errors generated.  The accounts would be linked and the first thing you should do is to check your linked accounts to make sure that payments are defaulting to the right accounts and that those accounts have the right GST or PAYG coding.


Perhaps you should call a Certified Consultant that is in your area because it sounds like this could be something that needs a trained eye on the computer.  In looking for a Certified COnsultant make sure that they have experience in this area.




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Re: General Journal Entries for Payroll in Accoutntright Plus

Okay great thank-you  for your reply.

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