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How To Change the Default Local Currency

Hi , could anyone give the instructions on how to change the default local currency example from HKD to USD when creating a new company, please?


Thanks for the sharing the help.




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Re: How To Change the Default Local Currency

You don't say which product you are using.


In case it's a version without multiple currencies, you can change the currency symbol via the Control Panel, Regional settings.


For versions with a multiple currency option, switch on currencies via Preferences, and open the currency list (Lists, Currencies).


Possibly delete the USD currency first (if not you may have to amend the symbol to avoid a clash), then edit your HKD currency, change the code and symbol, then save. After that, you should have "USD (local)" as you home currency.

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Re: How To Change the Default Local Currency

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You have to edit the currency indicated by the system as the "Local currency" to reflect the currency you would like to be the local one. Note - it also has to match your control panel's regional settings currency preference. Also note that you can not have two currencies with the same currency code.



1) Edit the "Local" currency, f.i. change AUD to US$ (provided US$ does not exist yet)

2) Recreate the old "local currency" once you have done that (if you are going to use that curency)