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How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

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Experienced Cover User JMcK
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How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Earlier this year I made the grave mistake of upgrading to the new AR 2011 software. I very soon realised it was not for me and went back to v19.5. I have however, probably unwisely, signed up to be part of the AR Live pilot. In doing so I have had to upgrade to the AR 2012 software. It seems an improvement on its ugly predecessory (so far), however it insists on using preloaded invoice forms and not my customised one, even though mine appears in the list.


I cannot see any way of making my form the default for all invoices. I may well be overlooking something obvious but I'd be very grateful if someone could please point me in the right direction.


While I'm here, I would just like to have a moan that the AR Live (not Live Accounts) is not a fully cloud based service as I was expecting. The claim that you can use MYOB on any PC anywhere appears to be rubbish. You can only work on your accounts with a PC that has MYOB installed - as far as I can tell.




Valued Cover User easybusiness
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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Hi Jan


With regards to "Using MYOB anywhere" I guess it has the one small condtion of needing the MYOB software installed. But to my understanding MYOB is imposing no restrictions on how many computers you install the software on.

Graeme Muir

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Ultimate Partner Mike_James
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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Have you set the default via Print/Email invoices? Choose the Print or Email tab as required, then select the Advanced filter (top right), then you invoice type, then the form you want at the foot of the window.


That setting should then become the default when printing a single invoice (for that invoice type).

Regards Mike (
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Former Staff Will_H
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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Hi Jan,

To follow up Mike's excellent summary, here is the information from the relevant support note:


Form selection is described at the support note for Customising Forms in AccountRight 2011 and later 


I've reprinted this below:


Setting the default form to use when printing or emailing

After you customise a form, you might want to use it every time you print or email that particular document type. This can be done anywhere in the software where printing or emailing is performed, for example statements, invoices, purchase orders, and remittance advices.

  1. Depending on the form you want to set as a default, display the applicable window. For example, go to the Sales command centre and click Print/Email Statements to set the default form for your statements.

  2. Click Advanced Filters.

  3. Select the Statement Type/Sale Type/Purchases Type (as applicable) at the top of the window.

  4. In the Select Form for ... Field, select the applicable form. This form will now be used by default whenever you print or email this document type.

  5. Click OK.


You can also specify the default invoice form to be used for customers. This will override the default form selection as specified above, but can still be overridden when printing or emailing invoices.

  1. Go to the Card File command centre and click Cards List.

  2. Click the Customer tab.

  3. Click the zoom arrow next the applicable customer card.

  4. Click the Selling Details tab.

  5. In the Printed Form field, select the default form to use.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for all customers you want to use this form. For information on how to specify the same form for multiple customer cards, see our support note Updating multiple cards in AccountRight 2011 and later.
Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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Experienced Cover User JMcK
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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

That's not helpful though, when travelling overseas (preferably with laptop in tow). It means I'd have to take my software with me and install it on someone elses computer. That is definitely not going to happen. To claim 'any pc, anywhere' is a false claim as far as I can tell. It should read 'any pc with AR installed, anywhere'. 

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Hi JMcK,
At present the AccountRight Live service is a cloud based file storage system, as opposed to a full online accounting access point. This means that you will need to have AccountRight installed on a computer to be able to access an AccountRight Live file as present. We are currently working on an API for AccountRight Live that will allow developers greater access to databases hosted on our servers and we are committed to expanding this service in future.


However, you are not limited to having to carry around your own laptop and installers for AccountRight Live, you will be able to use it from any computer that you have the rights to install from as you can download the install files for AccountRight Live at any time by logging into your my.myob account and selecting My Products->Downloads.

This will allow you to access your files from any computer without having to carry around install software all the time or your own laptop.

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support


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Re: How do I set my customised invoice form as the default?

Yes, this procedure is correct when printing or e-mailing a customised form for each customer. I believe, the question was more so, when a form has been customised, how can we make it a default form when entering the sale before it is printed or e-mailed. It makes it difficult to understand, as the screen when entering in the sale is completely different to the layout of the customised form when printing or e-mailing.

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