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Item Auto Build



I just (almost) did an Auto Build.

One Item that consists of about 20 items.

I am building a qty of 100


Everything was fine until I pressed the Record button on the Build Items window.

I got the following error:

The ObjectProperty_UIBuildItem_Memo must contain 255 characters or less.


I tried deleting a few characters, but editing is not allowed. You can only delete everything in that little box and then replace it with your own text.


AR19.7 does not generate this error. AR19.7 is smart enough to truncate the long text string down to 64 characters ending in etc.


So here's my question: does MYOB have a QA team looking at the software as the programmers produce modules? Or is MYOB relying on us, the end users to do the QA? If so, where do I send my invoice?



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Re: Item Auto Build



Thanks for your feedback about the auto build functionality. I will pass your comments onto the product development team.


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