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Job Transaction - Inventory item error

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Job Transaction - Inventory item error

Hi All,


Hoping you can help.

We are working with AccountRight Enterprise, we found today when we went to find Item transactions against the job number (Ctrl Y, Ctrl J) that inventory items do not show up on this report only service invoices & journal entries do!


When entering the inventory item on the order, we put the job number in, but the item is not showing up on the report against that job.


Can anyone help, as we are trying to accurately track our inventory used against each job.

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Re: Job Transaction - Inventory item error

What you've described is design behaviour.


When you use item purchases, and the item is inventoried, it goes to an asset account. The item is not "used on a job" until it is taken out of inventory and expensed. That requires an item adjustment, and if you use a job number, the cost will then appear on job reports.

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