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MYOB to Excel

Hello everyone,


I wish to do a Graph chart in Excel, but when i go to reports in MYOB and bring up the figures I need and try to send to Excel it won't let me.

Can someone please tell me what i need to do to set up in MYOB to be able to do this.





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Re: MYOB to Excel



My guess is that you have loaded your Microsoft Office after you have loaded MYOB. There is a page in the setup which asks if you have Excel and Word loaded, most people either ignore this page or think that they will be loading it next so it doesn't matter.  Try reloading your MYOB and see if that solves the problem.



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Re: MYOB to Excel

Hi Anne,


As Ron has already stated if the OFfice software was installed after the MYOB software this can cause connection issues. There are a few other common causes of Officelink connection errors, the below support not link outlines these and the suggested resolutions.


MYOB Client Support

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