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Myob 13 on 64 bit system

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Myob 13 on 64 bit system



I have just purchased a new computer & it is 64 bit......will my old Myob Accounting v13 be

compatible. I presently have it installed on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with no

problems. Would appreciate it if anyone knows?



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Re: Myob 13 on 64 bit system

Hi Wendy


It amazes that when something works well they have to change to rules.


Also I think Clive had a similar problem last year and he posted an answer to it in this forum.


Please refer


The way I read it you should not have a problem.


However you can only try.


If you still have a problem you could always ring MYOB Tech support


I hope this helps

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Re: Myob 13 on 64 bit system

Hi All


Just a clarification on Geoff's post.


Accounting v13 is a sunset product and support is no longer offered for it.


Also worth noting is MYOB does not support any software for Windows 7 or 64bit that is older than v18.


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Re: Myob 13 on 64 bit system



Over the past 18 months I have installed MYOB 13 on two Windows 7 computers - 1 on 64 bit and 1 on 32 bit with no issues when I use the Windows 7 "Compatibility" program. The new computer I received today though running Win 7 Serice Pack 1 would not install it correctly. It would say it installed then get up to registering the officelink drivers (although none are ticked as it is too old) and had errors and after its automatic reboot there were no files in the MYOB 13 install directory although I had an icon on the screen. For some reason all the files in the MYOB 13 program directory were gone.


After trying the install 7 different times I thought if the program was registered in Windows 7 maybe if I copy the program directory off my old computer onto the new one it would work. Once I did this it worked fine - I know its not supposed to, but it did and I'm happy for it.


For people that say you should upgrade to a latter version that is all well and good, but as an accountant I need all versions of MYOB software on my computer as some clients don't feel the need to upgrade (you really only need to upgrade if you have payroll for the payroll tax tables and a few new reports).



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