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Optimization company file

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Contributing User yanscobain
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Optimization company file

Dear All MyOB Users,

i want to ask how many time to optimize company file , with size under 1 Gb ?

I have Company file with size 850 Mb , i doing optimization until 3 hours what is a normally  ?

I think if the proccess normal how if the data .MYO   above 1 Gb is have long time for optimization ?

please suggest me ..


many thanks

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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MYOB Moderator
New Zealand

Re: Optimization company file

Hi Yanscobain,


The time it takes to optimise a company file will depend on the size of your file and the general speed of your computer.

As your company file is quite large 3 hours does sound like an expected amount of time to Optimise, this will depend on the speed of your computer as well however.


To get the best results for optimisation you just want to make sure that you are optimising on the computer you use to store your datafile and that no other programs are running while you're optimising the file.

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support


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Contributing User yanscobain
13 Posts
Contributing User

Re: Optimization company file

Hi Matthew,

i accept your reply, my data file size at offfice now  850 Mb, how if data file has reached 1 Gb above any solution. ?

How about effect  client performance user for input, searching dan generate report  ?


Many thanks


MYOB Moderator AnnaRidley
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Re: Optimization company file

Hi Yans,


As 1GB is quite large for a data file this will affect performance of the software. Generating reports and general use of the software will be slowed down.


You can either purge data from the file to reduce size or create a new data file.

Kind Regards,

MYOB Client Support

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