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Experienced Cover User Barkel
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Have started using Latest Release of Acount Right Plus V2012.9 and very dissappointed to see that on my VERY extensive list of Problems and Improvements that only 1 had been addressed - and that is being able to use the decimal point as a date seperator - although this does not seem to workproperly when selecting dates for Reporting Criteria.  (eg on the Entitlement Summary report the decimal point does not work - you have to go back to the /


Along with the many unaddressed issues I have only been using the new release for a few hours and have already found issues with the software:



When processing payroll I am continually getting a Data Exception Error


When creating the bank file for payroll I am now being told that I have too many payments selected and that I have to unselect some.  I need to be able to process my entrie payroll in one run but now I am limited to how many people I can pay at a time.  This will increase work load as I have to repeat the process several times!!!!!


The Payroll Entitlement Summary Report only prints the employees surname and not their full name.


OLD ISSUES still waiting to be resolved:


Payroll verification Report STILL NOT IN ALPHABETICAL order???


Payslips do not print in alphabetical order - this wastes time having to sort them once printed


You cant add a payroll category to an employee during a payroll run. 


You can't change the status of someones payslip delivery in an individual pay after it has been recorded. 


Decimal point as date seperator is a start - however it also needs to be added as an account seperator to make selection of accounts easier. 


when exporting reports to excel the dates end up in American Format eg 1st October (01/10) will show as 10/01 !!! Very annoying!!


The ability to email RECEIPTS the same way you can email Invoices etc - I have been suggesting this one for over 6 YEARS!!!!. 


When entering General Journal and you are in the amount field and press the down arrow on the keyboard the cursor moves to the next line but to the Account field.  If I wanted to go to the account field I would TAB there - the down arrows  should take me to the same field on the next line.  This used to be a problem in the SPEND MONEY etc transaction but it was resolved - but not in the Journals.


Ability to lodge Tax File Declarations automatically 


And the list goes on and on and on...


Very dissapointed that after such a long wait none of these problems have been addressed 


How long do we have to wait now?






  • Workflow and ease of use
Former Staff JasonHill
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Welcome to the Community Forum.


Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your software. We will pass your extensive feedback onto our product development team.


As detailed in my post about the recent update, there are a host of significant improvements and enhancements in the latest release, but the team is constantly working on further improvements to the software. They prioritise their work according to the impact on clients and the number of clients affected. Following the launch of AccountRight Live we have moved a system of more regular software updates and we will publicise details about the next update when details are available.


I see that you have spoken to one of our team this morning about the Data Exception error. Please let us know if your file has not yet been returned to you and we will follow it up.


The other issues you mentioned I will address below in the order you raised them. Thanks to our support representative Barry for his input in the answers.  


  • Too many payments selected: We are not aware of any issue. Could you please let us know what error message you are receiving when this error occurs?


  • Payroll Entitlement Summary Report: We have tested printing the entitlement balance summary report and the full names are showing as per the screenshot below. 



  • Payroll verification report: As per this post on the idea exchange, the payroll verification report will be able to be sorted in alphabetical order after the next update to AccountRight. We thank you for your patience while our team work on this enhancement.


  • Payslip printing: Currently the print/email payslip screen prints based on payment date rather than alphabetical. We will pass your suggestion onto product development in regards to printing in alphabetical order. 




  • Adding a payroll category to an employee during a payroll run: You are correct that you cannot add a payroll category once a payrun is started.  This is related to the new feature that allows you to save payruns if they aren’t finished.  Basically once you start a payroll run, it’s locked down till you cancel it or finish.


  • Change status of payslip delivery:  We have tested this and have been able to change the delivery status.  Are you receiving an error message?


  • Decimal point as account separator: Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps you might like to post it to the idea exchange so that others can vote and add their comments?


  • Exporting to Excel: We have tested this and it is working fine for us.  Which report are you using?  Are you adding any additional fields to the report?  Have you checked your windows Regional and language options are set to English Australia?


  • Email receipts: This excellent suggestion has been submitted to our idea exchange. We suggest you add your vote and any comments.


  • General Journal cursor: We will pass this feedback on.


  • Lodge Tax File Declarations: Our intention is to support the Standard Business Reporting initiative. You can vote and add comments to this post on the idea exchange.


Thanks again for your feedback, it is much appreciated.


All the best,

Jason Hill
Community Manager

Experienced Cover User Barkel
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Experienced Cover User


Hi Jason


Thanks for your response


In relation to the Entitlement Balance Summary Report it displays fine when you sort by employee but when you sort by entitlement it looks like this:





If you can't add a category because the payroll can be saved then this should be a customised Option (to be able to decide whether I want to change or save)  - I would rather not save a payroll run and be able to add to it rather than have to do on average 8-10 payroll runs each week .  I have over 80 employees in one file and have already ad to  had to break them down into 6 differrent batches as MYOB will not process that many pays at one time - It will time out trying to bring them all up at once (and that is working on a computer with 16 GB RAM)  It adds to my frustration to have to pull certain employees out becuase they have worked in a different area and I have to add the payroll category to their file.  It used to take me an hour to process payroll - it now takes nearly 4 hours each week!!

Customers should be able to choose which option suits them best - changing or saving - rather than having that decided for them.


CHANING PAYSLIP DELIVERY - the error I am getting is that I am not able to change the record.  It is occuring on recorded pays where the payslip has already been printed or emailed and you wish to change the status to TO BE PRINTED or TO BE EMAILED again so that you can resend them.  I also can't change ones that haven't been emailed to HAVE BEEN EMAILED


When I have emailed out payslips often MYOB will bomb out and shut down.  When I go back into MYOB payslips that were emailed out prior to the crash are still sitting there waiting to be sent again.  My employees get sick of me emailing them their payslips sometimes 2 or 3 times each week so I just have to leave them sitting in the queue.  I can't change their status manually as MYOB won't let me and I can't get rid of them wihout emailing them again.  There are so many of them now that I often accidentally send an old payslip out to our staff who then ring me saying that their pay is incorrect without realising it is the wrong week.  This is annoying and very unprofessional



The report I am exporting is a General Ledger.  My regional Settings are correct.  The incorrect formatting only occurs on the 1st to the 9th of each month (single digit dates) and once it goes to double digits (10th onwards) the format is correct











ALSO you have skipped over the issue where I am now limited to how many employees pays I can process when preparing an Electronic Payment.  What is this Limit and why has it been introduced???  this further adds to processing time as I will have to export the pays in batches - which could easily lead to devasting user error in accidentally processing some pays twice through the bank!



Experienced Cover User Barkel
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Experienced Cover User


HI Jason


Sorry I just re-read your post and saw that you had addressed (but not resolved) the issue of being limted to how many electronic payments can be processed


The error I am getting is a follows:



There were 67 payments selected.


Pressing OK does not stop the payment from processing - and afterwards all the pays are gone.


I am hesitant to upload this file to the bank as I really have no idea what pays have been included and what ones havent

Experienced Cover User Barkel
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Experienced Cover User


Just gone to print a Receivbles Reconcilliation Report - tried both Summary and Detail - they are not working - they say I have no information to display - I have not set any filters.


The Aged Payables Summary is working and I definately have data to display.

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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MYOB Moderator


Hello Barkel,


Thank you for taking the time to discuss these concerns with us. We have looked into the issues you have mentioned further. Once again, we will address each issue in the order you have raised it.


You are correct in that the issue with the Entitlement Balance [Summary] report has not been resolved when sorting the report by Entitlement. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have passed this information onto our product development team to address in later updates.


You should normally be able to manually change the delivery status of a payslip. However if the payroll transaction has been recorded as part of an electronic payment or payroll liabilities transaction, it won't be changeable. This is a known issue that our product development team are aware of. We are looking at resolving this in future updates. As a work-around in the meantime, if you delete the electronic payment or payroll liabilities transaction, you should then be able to change the delivery status on the payslip. You can then re-record the electronic payment or payroll liabilities transaction. We understand that this is not the best solution and we are looking into improving the program to eliminate this problem.


In regards to exporting to Excel. Again this is an issue we are aware of, however it has to do with how Excel not detecting the date format correctly. We are looking into this issue from our end however, it does seem that AccountRight is exporting the data correctly, while Excel is not picking it up correctly. This issue has occurred on occasion for some users of previous versions of MYOB Accounting. We have had reports that resetting your computers regional settings to English (US), restarting the computer and then setting the regional settings back to English (Australia) has worked for some users. If this does not work Exporting as a .CSV or .TSV file and opening this in Excel is another option. We will continue to look for a more long term solution.


When processing large electronic payments the message you have posted does occur. However the payment does recording correctly and the .ABA file do contain all payments and are created correctly. The error message seems to be incorrect. We are looking into why this message occurs and under what circumstances. We will update this thread with more information when we can.


The receivables reconciliation reports will show your receivables as of the specific date. If there were no open transactions as of that date they will not display, even if no filters are selected. This can be the case even when the aged receivables summary shows data when customised for the same date. The aging summary always display today’s receivables aged to the entered date. Have a look in your sales register to see if you have open invoices. Check that they are not future dated and run the receivables reconciliation dated to today’s date. It should run.


Once again, thanks you for your feedback, we are looking into the issues you have raised.

Kind Regards

MYOB Client Support
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