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Saving Files

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Saving Files

As the name suggests am still getting my head around myob so bear with me


Myob Accounting Version 18


I have saved a file as follows MYOB 30th JUNE some days after that I created a file MYOB 7th JULY 2010.... If I go back into myob and some data that I need to be in 30th June file(waiting for my accountant to get back to me with some data) and replace 30th June file will the 7th July data be in there as well? And is that a problem if it is?


PS....My accountant wants me to create a file called MYOB 30th June (guessing for previous financial year)

Valued User Kaye_Lait
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Re: Saving Files

Yes it will be there and no it will not be a problem to the Accountant as he does reporting up to 30/6.

Kaye Lait
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Re: Saving Files

Hi Learning MYOB,


My suggestion would be if I have understood your question would be to open your current working MYOB data file.






Once you have put in the work that your accountant requires I would then re save this up to date current working file and re save as MYOB 30th June 2010 by over writing the old saved version.


It is most important that you only ever work on one data file and then go back and re save it as required.


I hope this helps you out



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Re: Saving Files

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me..I have the very first MYOB accounts that I purchased in approximately 1999, and it is installed on my very same computer of same vintage.  As the floppy disc doesn't work anymore, I am wondering if I can save everything on it onto a hard drive  (by putting in the back via USB) and then transferring all that information onto an updated laptop..I bought the new MYOB of about 2007, but was never able to use it as I couldn't seem to transfer any of the data, and cannot seem to save anything, and then get it onto the new computer so it looks exactly the same...I'm not sure if I'm having trouble with the saving from the old computer or the extracting on the new one?  I am afraid the old computer is on it's way out, and I took it to a computer place but they didn't know how to save the files either.


Kindest Regards, Warrick

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Re: Saving Files

Hi Warrick,


All you have to copy from the old computer is the database file that ends in .dat


On the new computer, where the MYOB, so long as it is not BusinessBasics, you bought in 2007 is installed you go to File>Open and navigate to where the .dat file is located.  You will have to change the file type from *.myo to all files (*.*) to be able to locate and select the file.  MYOB will then ask you if you want to upgrade the file and you can work from there.


If you have BusinessBasics, unfortunately, the file will not upgrade as FirstAccounts has a purchases command centre and BusinessBasics does not.


You may benefit from having a Certified Consultant who has done this conversion before providing some on-site assistance in the process - make sure that they have done the conversion before.



Clive Williams

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