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Unable to open company file

Hi all


I set up Account Right Basics about 3 weeks ago and was using it without problems up to this week.  Now I cannot open my company file.  it says "The local library could not be opened.  Please check that the MYOB Account Right server service is started".  When I do a help centre search on "server service"it comes up with zero results.   The software is installed on a stand alone PC.


Can anyone shed any light on how I can resolve this please?


Thank you.

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Re: Unable to open company file

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Hi Ecac

Welcome to the MYOB Community User Forum.

Please follow these steps:-

  1. Open your windows resource monitor, attached is image of Windows 7 Resource Monitor.
  2. Try and locate Huxley.Server.WindowsService.exe amongst the processes; it has been ticked on the attached image.
  3. If it is not there then reboot your PC
  4. Go to steps 1 & 2 if it is still not there then uninstall & reinstall AccountRight Basics to fix the problem

The Huxley.Server.WindowsService.exe process is MYOB Account Right server service necessary to access your company file.


If the Huxley.Server.WindowsService.exe process does exist on your PC then you should not encounter the '...local library could not be opened...' message.

Kind Regards

Tony Lane - Ulverstone - Tasmania
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Re: Unable to open company file

Hi Ecac and Taz


The MYOB AccountRight Server Service is required for the use of libraries (where company files are located) within all AccountRight 2011 software.


In addition to Taz's suggestion there is a short cut that can be used to start this service.


Click onto Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Under the Name column locate MYOB AccountRight Server 2011.1, right-click and select Start.  I have attached a screen print to demonstrate this.


If you cannot see this service, I suggest uninstalling and re-installing AccountRight 2011 as per Taz's advice. Also, please note that Windows XP Home Edition does not allow permissions to be set for the correct use of this service. This is why AccountRight 2011 is not compatible with Windows XP Home Edition.


MYOB Client Support

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Re: Unable to open company file

Thank you both for your responses.  I did have to uninstall and reinstall AccountRight Basics and now it is working without problems.