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Multiple Location Inventory - AccountRight Live 2016.3

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Multiple Location Inventory - AccountRight Live 2016.3

Hello community

Just after some knowledge to see if we are handling our inventory the best way in AccountRight Live 2016.3  


We currently sell stock from two locations, to identify which stock comes out of each location we have 1 and Q codes for the product.  For example a code for the item coming out of location 1 is 1Z123 and the same product coming out of location 2 is coded QZ123.  


Imputting customer sales is fine but our issue comes when transferring stock.  


All of our product is supplied into location 1 so it is receipted into that warehouse off of the supplier invoice.  


To transfer some of that stock to location 2 we are adjusting inventory, a minus amount for location 1 and duplicating the entry as a postive to the location 2 code.  This is a painful process for us that takes ages, we have to overwrite the unit cost so that they match and pop in the account on each row making the task labourious and its leaves us open to a lot of costly entry errors.  


Is there a better way of transferring and handling our physical stock movement between our locations?  


Thanks so much for taking the time to read, appreciate it any knowledge that could be shared.




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Re: Multiple Location Inventory - AccountRight Live 2016.3

Hi Bree ( @AHJS )


As AccountRight 2016.3 doesn’t use multiple inventory locations the way you are handling the transferring of the items is the only feasible way inside AccountRight to accommodate multiple inventory item locations.


You may want to look into one of our Add-on solutions, which do allow you to expand the functionality of AccountRight and you may find an add-on that will allow you to manage your multiple locations in a more simplistic fashion.


Please feel free to post any other questions that you may have.

Kind regards,
MYOB Client Support
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