How to get company details like ACN/ABN and address?

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How to get company details like ACN/ABN and address?



I am working with AccounRightLive API. I have downloaded  MYOB.AccountRight.SDK and created a sample application in .Net. I have setup my account with MYOB and just registered an app, which gave me developer key and secret. With this key and secret, I am able to authenticate and get companyfile. It returns me one company file with the Name "API Sandbox Demo 225".


Now, my questions are:

1. How do I setup a company file specific to my account, so that it returns me my company file instead of the demo file?

2. The company file doesn't provide the company details like ACN, address. I was exploring the API and found that the COMPANY object provides this details. However, to fetch the company I need to provide the credentials. Which credentials I need to pass here? I tried with my MYOB account credentials and it din't work. It gave me 401 unauthorized error?

3. Do you have any documentation of the API, which gives me the details of each and every method?




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