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Cant get confirmation code number

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Cant get confirmation code number


I input serial number and company file code for registration but when it is confirmed the screen "Connfirmation Code of: " and no code appears, just a blank space. Any ideas?



Thanks in advance.

Former Staff Will_H
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Re: Can't get confirmation code number

Hello Csar,


I understand you've spoken to someone this morning about Activation/Confirmations.  I'm posting a quick rundown here for anyone else who looks at this post.


You can do online Activation/Confirmation with most MYOB software, but this can occasionally not work for a variety of reasons to do with internet communication problems, or certain versions of FirstEdge which cannot confirm in some of the current versions of MacOSX.


For anyone who is not using the AccountRight 2011/2012 version of MYOB software, you can always choose the Confirm by Phone option and call:

1300 6645 585 (Australia)

0800 69 69 62 (New Zealand)

These numbers are automated numbers, that work 24/7.


If you have any problems using the above system, or are having a problem confirming AccountRight 2011/2012 then please call one of the following numbers to speak to a customer service representative, who will be happy to assist you.  These representatives are there due to standard support hours:

1300 555 151 (Australia 9AM to 7PM (AEST))

0800 60 69 62 (New Zealand 9AM to 5PM)

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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Re: Can't get confirmation code number

Will, MYOB Support (That does not exist it would seem),


I have had the same problem as Csar, I have trird to report the problem by phone (spent 25 munutes waiting and fell asleep!), I have tried to get the code from the website many times over the last few days without sucess, the rego process go fine however the result is no code, I have lodged my problem with online support, updated it four times, I am getting angry, we pay for support and it is now in the third day of no response, most businesses would go broke if they performed as badly as MYOB.


I ask that someone at MYOB Support actually does their job that I have paid for annually for years & years and fixes my support problem !##$$@, I am tring to run a business, so do something ....


Jaime Dormer

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Re: Can't get confirmation code number

Hi Jamie,

Glad we were able to get your confirmation issue resolved. If you require anything further please just send me a private message and I will look into it for you. 

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support


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