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Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover

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Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover

Account Edge V 9.6, upgraded to V11 in November 2011.  At the EOFY 2011, I backed up and set a new FY 2012 for all 3 companies. When I went back into the new file (FY 2012) quite some time later, all the input for various bank accounts for July2010-Jun2011 had disappeared. Not much fun. Went back through the backups, and was able to find an old file with all the required data. This has happened with 3 company files I have. Is this a feature of rolling over (undocumented or otherwise) , or a bug? How do I prevent this from happening next time I roll over the FY? This did not happen with a 4th company I have.



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Re: Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover



When you do a new financial year procedure you are offered the opportunity to retain payroll information.   In the same window you have also the ability to select the years for which you want to retain financial information. 



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Re: Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover

Thank you. I was uncertain as to whether there was such an option available on rollover.

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Re: Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover

I had a similar result when I rolled over.  I never realised until over a month later and that over $100k in the GST Payable Control went missing - all for the period 2010/11.  What I don't understand is why that account and why this has never happend before.  Is it going to happen again?  I used the same settings the previous FY with no negative results.  The reason for the late rollover is cos was waiting for the reconciling journall to come from the accountant.  Any positive comments welcome.  Thnx.

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Re: Loss of Data after EOFY Rollover

The "Start New Year" process in MYOB does give you a lot of information about what will happen, and starts by encouraging a back-up to be taken.


I have added some emphasis to the important steps, in the attachments.



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