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Hi all,


Earlier this month, we pushed the new MYOB branding to the next level! We decided to take our new logo to the cloud and beyond! Here’s a video if you missed it.



I’m very excited to say that, as a part of the rebranding and in response to the feedback that we’ve received via the forum survey, we’re currently working on redesigning our forum!


The main focus of the redesign is to make it easier for visitors to our forum to find solutions, ask questions and share ideas and tips. 


We plan to launch the new look forum in the next few weeks. So watch this space!


In other news, we’ve had yet another busy week on the forum. We welcomed over 270 new members on the forum and had close to 800 posts!


A huge thank you to the top contributors of the week – @Seattle@bungy15, @ronatbas@Mike_James@gavin12345 and @TallBooks. We really appreciate you taking the time to help out the community.


Sam (@TallBooks), Tracey (@bungy15), Duncan ( @Seattle) and Gavin ( @gavin12345) also had multiples of their posts marked as solutions. Well done and thank you!


Please feel free to post if you need any assistance. We’re always happy to help.





Suja Pillai

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Hi Suja


What hoops do we have to jump through to get soft copy of our logo that are suitable for our signwriter to alter the signage on our building and other advertising?



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Hi Ron (@ronatbas),


As an MYOB Partner you should already have access to the soft copies of the new logo. I'll check with the partner team and send you more information tomorrow.




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I am suprised that an organisation that is purported to be so big and so professional only operates on EST time.  Apparently Perth doesn't count as we are three hours behind so our business is not relevant to MYOB.  I wanted some assistance with the program through their help desk or support and lo and behold at 3.15pm in Perth support had shut down due to not being in their operating hours!!!!  Very poor show MYOB!

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Hi @sucker,


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble reaching us today. Our Support team (1300 555 123) is available to take calls until 8pm AEST. So you should still be able to reach one of our team today.


That said, I encourage you to post your query on this forum. We have some very helpful members and MYOB staff members here, who'd be happy to assist.