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Creating customer return & processing

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Creating customer return & processing


I read all forum discussions regarding above & unfortunalelt still I am unable to create a sales return.

Can you please help...

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Re: Creating customer return & processing

Hi @NJ,


A warm welcome to MYOB community forum and I hope you find this useful.


There is a two-step process - firstly, create a customer return and secondly process the customer return and either allocate it to an existing open invoice or to pay a refund to the customer if they have completely paid their invoice. I have provided you with a link that explains step by step the processes of creating customer return and processing it. 


I have also worked out for you as an example.


Step 1 - Create a customer return

Sales menu>>create customer return>>Select your customer>>Enter appropriate description>>Amount/Date>>Save.

24 April -2.png Step 2 - Sales>>Process customer returns>>Highlight the returns>>Apply to Invoice/Pay refund>>

You will be directed to this page. You need to enter the correct date of return and write down the amount returned as highlighted below.


24 April -3.png


Hope this helps and for further detailed reference, I would strongly recommend you to go through the Help page that I have provided a link to in this post.


Hope this helps. Please let us know how you go as we are happy to help further. Smiley Happy


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