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an employee has been paid a different amount to the pay slip that was created - by 5cents how can i add to the pay?

as the hourly rate calculated defaults and then i would like just to add a new line to include the 5cents/

is there a way of creating a new line with the employees pay details?

any advice?? please

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Re: payroll

Hi @Jeanette65


Once a payroll transaction has been created you are unable to make changes to that transaction you would first need to delete that 'incorrect' payroll transaction if you haven't already done so. MYOB Essentials Help Article: Edit or delete a pay would be able to assist with that process


In terms of processing the correct transaction, I would be adding an additional Earning (or Deduction) to the employee to account for those cents. This can be added using the Earnings/Deductions section of the Employee. Once that earning (or deduction) has been added to the employee you can enter a number of cents against that line on the pay (while processing) thus matching the payroll transaction to the bank account payment.


Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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8 Posts
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Re: payroll

Hi Steven


thank you so much... i was trying that but there were no options to add a deduction or earnings.

i was using a compatible browser thats why i decided to see you had any clues.

Decided it was too late to continue last night - logged on this morning and all was as it should be, have done it - thanks for your assistance.




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