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Cashflow statement

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Any ideas when a cashflow report will be available in Essentials?  


We've had a client move from Cashbook V8 to MYOB Essentials but Essentials doesn't have a cashflow report.  This was the main report they used in Cashbook other than GST and is the report they sent to the bank each month.




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Any update if we will be having a cash flow statement report available on myob essentials?


I also require it. THanks

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cash flows are essential to a business - why isnt there one in essentials?

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Agreed. You can do ones manually. It would be helped with a comparative Balance sheet. 

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Cash flow and doing a 3 way forscast is becoming very common and if MYOB can perfom this will be great.

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I am using MYOB Essentials.  There is no Cash Flow Statement and for months I have been doing it manually.  I know there is one in AccountRight but Essentials does not allow me up migrate all my historical data, which I need.  AccountRight also does not allow me to have staff, which I do have.  Therefore I want to request that Essentials is given a Cash Flow Statement so I don't have to do it manually.  It would really be most appreciated.