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Partner GailW
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Several of our clients have multiple rental properties and we need to dissect the various properties.  Essentials would be an ideal tool for this, but we don't seem to be able to segregate transactions - not worth the additional expense to use Account Right level of product - jobs would be ideal

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i also run a construction company and posted the same request at least 12 months ago . I have had a couple of calls from MYOB to ask me how i like the soft ware and when i have told them that i need to be able to alocate jobs to a invoice ,  the main response i get is " you can upgrade to  account right ( i think this was the program) which has job alocation on it ! AND PAY MORE TO US 

So instead of fixing essentials they just want you  to upgrade and pay more, which is a shame as essentilas is working well for me except for a few small problems .

Which is why  a lot of people are saying they will change over to there competitor XERO ! if it is not fixed .


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We are seriously considering switching to XERO too.  Only issue is MYOB doesnt make switching easy either.  We have to decide to pretty much start over again.  If MYOB can't promise these features soon, we will move as a matter of principle.


Three features we want in Essentials:-

1. Ability to allocate an expense and invoice to a JOB

2. Ability to do batch payments (ABA file)

3. Customised reporting/exporting.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea

Job costing is something that we are actively looking into for MYOB Essentials for up and coming updates. More details are to follow about how you can access jobs in MYOB Essentials closer to its initial development. 

Do feel free to comment and vote for idea still. We love to hear the feedback on MYOB Essentails and other MYOB programs.

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I am a handyman using MYOB Essentials for accounting purposes.

It would be a great big plus for me to be able to convert accepted quotes into a job number.

With the job number I would like to be able to allocate expenses for that job as they are incurred.

I do not have accounts with any of my suppliers and pay for items when they are purchased.

It would also be great to be able to report on jobs so that I am able to see what jobs have gone over the quoted amounts. I could then look at the jobs and see if there are areas that I can tighten up such as quoting, how I work or similar jobs that appear to cause issues.

A big vote for job facilities in MYOB Essentials.



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Essentials is aimed at the basic business, especially tradespeople however there are no jobs which is what trades rely on.


Please consider to include Jobs in one of the next releases.

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Would it be possible to introduce Job Numbers that can be allocated to quotes and invoices in Essentials. Job numbers are an essential component to the quotes and invoices created for some businesses.


The Job Number doesn't need to be visible to client recieving the invoice. Job Numbers are for internal use only. However it may be helpful to allow this to be a choice.


Any chance of this being introduced?

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It would be wonderful for MYOB Essentials to have a Job Tracking option added.  We have 4 different properties so using job tracking would be helpful for us to see how each is travelling and narrow down why some have more expenses than others etc.  We were on Account Edge Pro and had this feature but can't rely on one person to always keep everything up to date.  For us to be able to access our file anywhere this was our only option with Mac computers I was told.  

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This under review feature has been under review for a long time! Along with sending remittances...


I have been asked to move our accounting to Xero and would really rather not, I know MYOB keep saying it is under review but it would be good to know exactly what is on the table for update and when a likely release date would be.

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I see the idea for adding job number facility to Essentials has been the topic of much discussion for an incredibly long time now and that it was marked as 'under construction' almost 2 years ago. How has this feature not become available already given the obvious need for it and vast length of time since it was marked as under construction?

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Please consider to include Jobs in one of the next releases.