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Several of our clients have multiple rental properties and we need to dissect the various properties.  Essentials would be an ideal tool for this, but we don't seem to be able to segregate transactions - not worth the additional expense to use Account Right level of product - jobs would be ideal

Current Status: Planned

Last Changed: February 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea

Job costing is something that we are actively looking into for MYOB Essentials for up and coming updates. More details are to follow about how you can access jobs in MYOB Essentials closer to its initial development. 

Do feel free to comment and vote for idea still. We love to hear the feedback on MYOB Essentails and other MYOB programs.

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I am an Account Edge Pro (Mac OS) user looking to switch to a cloud based solution to work with my bookkeeper and Accountant (both on Windows OS), however I need the job functionalities.


MYOB Essentials is the only MYOB cloud system available for Mac OS users, however it is missing key functionality - JOBS: allocation for costing and tracking against invoices and mobile staff timesheets, job P&L, progress billing and contract retentions.  


It appears that AccountRight Live has these functions, however it does not run on Mac OS, and MYOB does not recommend or support running AccountRight on Mac via a parallells program.  


Furthermore, I would like to use Add-Ons, such as ServiceM8, however most add-ons are not supported by Account Edge.


Account Edge is increasingly painful to work with accountant and bookkeeper - difficult to open and extract information, and does not allow real time adjustments, leading to delays and errors in reporting and compliance, and disruptions to daily tasks such as quoting and invoicing.  


As a commercial trade contractor business, I rely heavily on the jobs functions (allocating jobs against invoices and staff timesheets, running job profit and loss reports), and also progress billing and contract retentions, for large projects running over several months.  



I agree with comments above, I like the clean and easy to use interface of MYOB Essentials, however the jobs functionality is a MUST.


I am considering moving to XERO if MYOB cannot provide an alternative adequate system.  This will be much cheaper than MYOB Account Edge Pro, which I have been paying for years with frustration.



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100% agree with the above we are small commerical HVAC business that relies on the job feature however we need a true platform agnostic cloud based solution which is Essentials.


I am considering making the jump to Xero.


Where is this feature at - is there a delviery timeline? 

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Im with you Steve!  MYOB should provide a delivery timeframe for the jobs functionality.  It has already dragged out two years, with no end in sight.   It is only fair to keep customers updated.  Where is it at?  Is it close to being released?   My business would not survive on empty promises for over 2 years....  Customer loyalty can only go so far.  


The cost isnt even an issue for me.  My decision to move to Essentials is not based on cost savings.  I NEED a cloud based solution for Mac OS.  Essentials is my only option if I remain with MYOB.  I would be more than happy if Account Edge Pro could be converted to a cloud /online solution, and was able to sync with add-ons such as ServiceM8.  This would be a true value adding solution for my business and worthwhile investment.


There are many cloud based management systems on the market now, incorporating both job management and financial management, and the cost is cheaper than my annual Account Edge purchase and subscription.  I am now of the opinion that it may be better to suffer a small amount of time changing and adopting a new system, as opposed to waiting around another 2 years...


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Hello, for about 10 years my company used account right v17, and it was an extremly good program. However i moved to essentials as i wanted to have it in the cloud, but  the lack of abilty to create job numbers and track expenditure/ profit in MYOB essentials is ridculous, it is a basic funtion of any bookeeping program. 


In v17 I could easily go in and check how much I spent on each job, I like the ease off Essentials  but this is a sreoius limitation. I'm thinking of ending my subscription and returning to my old myob. WHEN is this very basic function going to be included in MYOB? This has been going on 2 years by the looks of this thread. 

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Also another abilty it should have is the choise to enter invoices- recepits on spend money, not just pay bills.


This is already set up in Essentials software so i dont see why it would be a problem to have it in spend money? 

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I agree with all the above, and as my business has clients who do projects, that I need to be able to access and use job summary of costs and sales.

MYOB essentials is so easy to use, and I not really want to change, but I too need this facility which will save my business a lot of time job  back costing after jobs are completed.


Please can some one advise when this faclity will be completed and added, or I will be changing.

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Can anyone provide updated, when this feature will be avaliable? I am paying too much for ARL, rather i should use Essentials....

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Hi everyone,


There still hasn't been an official announcement regarding exactly when this is planning to be incorporated into the software. The 'Planned' status is indicative that the product development team have identified this to be a feature that they will be focusing on implementing but information regarding where exactly on the road map this is currently at has not been made available.


We do apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate the patience.




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Its been two months since we last update, come on MYOB give this feature as xmas gift to your customers. CAn we please have some indication?

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Would be great to have a simple job costing in Essentials.  We used to have it on our old myob.  We are a really small business and its important for us to ensure we make money on each of our jobs.  Its the one thing I'm really missing on the cloud solution.