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Expand In Tray Feature to all transaction types

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Hi MYOB Team,


I was delighted about the announcment of the new In Tray feature offered by Essentials - an extremely sensible and practical solution to storing invoices against a transaction.


However, I was disappointed when I learned that you can only do this for "Bills". I think many people would be pleased if this functionality could be expanded to include all transaction types.


For example, if I go to the petrol station and pay for petrol, I still receive a tax invoice. I would like to be able to scan this and upload it to In Tray and then link it to a "Spend Money" transaction.


I hope you will be able to accomodate this request, otherwise people will not be readily able to move away from a paper based record keeping system.


Kind regards,





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Hi @DustyRd, Thank you for your feedback. Being able to use the In Tray function in other areas such as Receipts and Spend Money is definitely something that our team is looking into. We'll provide an update on this as soon as we have more information on when we are able to do this. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. I do encourage you to take a moment to use the + Vote button at the top left hand side of this post to add your vote to the Idea.

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Hi all,


I am in the transport industry & of course as such can have multiple page documents as PODs (Proof of Deliveries), the ability to link these to an invoice & then have them emailed with the invioce would save substantial amounts of time. The one thing I would like to mention however is the need for the ability to choose file size (i.e. image quality) as I currently use Adobe XI for this & regularly find the need to go back & resave PODs as "reduce sized files" in order to negate mailbox size limit issues.


Also the inability to store supplier credits leave users in the rather odd situation of having soft storage for all supplier invoices except credits...this seemed to be a very odd coding decision, in my opinion at least. Hence the ability to store supplier credits the same as supplier invoices would also be a welcome addition.


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I find with many of my clients, being able to scan & immediately email or upload receipts would be a great advantage - please add receipts to this function.

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I agree. I wish to have in tray for all types of documents, specially for the credit notes from suppliers. if we can have this function, the MYOB essential will be reall handy and create a paperless filing.

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Yes, please develop this feature to be used with all transactions, but especially Spend Money.  I would love to go paperless!

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HI @Fayeb & @Jacobidy


Thank you for both for your feedback in regards to this idea

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I would also like to be able to attach other documents such as a finance schedule to a vehicle or equipment purchased and a bank statement to confrim closing balances.

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Agree with original poster Jai...would love to just upload all those petrol receipts when I 'spend money' . Would solve a whole lot of filing!! Not to mention the tyres; repairs; oil; etc etc.

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Being able to add a document to a journal could be helpful. We had a situation where a trailer was journaled into the business as an owner contribution and we can't link the receipt to the journal :( 

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To be able to incorporate scanning of receipts into Spend Money will be of great help to small businesses.  At the moment, many of my clients rely on Smart Bills to keep their invoices on record for tax purposes but then have to keep manual records of expense paids via Spend Money, such as petrol.  Doesn't have an efficient feel to it.


How I would use this new function would be having a button in Bank Feeds that allows me to link a transaction to invoices already scanned.  Another idea would simply to be able to drag and drop files such as a PDF directly into a line on bank feeds or into a Spend Money screen.