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Expand In Tray Feature to all transaction types

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Hi MYOB Team,


I was delighted about the announcment of the new In Tray feature offered by Essentials - an extremely sensible and practical solution to storing invoices against a transaction.


However, I was disappointed when I learned that you can only do this for "Bills". I think many people would be pleased if this functionality could be expanded to include all transaction types.


For example, if I go to the petrol station and pay for petrol, I still receive a tax invoice. I would like to be able to scan this and upload it to In Tray and then link it to a "Spend Money" transaction.


I hope you will be able to accomodate this request, otherwise people will not be readily able to move away from a paper based record keeping system.


Kind regards,





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Thanks @Steven_M I Can see it has been under consideration for the last two years. I appreciate your response and have scheduled to change to XERO in the new financial year unless this is implimeneted. I have asked on my social media pages and everyone agrees that the Xero receipt bank function is amazing. I will be sad to leave MYOB due to this lack of functionality but have to do what is best for the business. 



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Expand In Tray Feature to all transaction types


Hi MYOB Team.

Any update on when this would be available?



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wouldn't that be good and sensible ....QBO has it and its half the price....very hard to get out of them when will such an Essential feature is added to myob

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This would be a major help for supplier credits to be able to store them against this transaction type.

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Come on MYOB, this is a no brainer.  it would transform how our business is done, it would save a lot of time and stress.  PLease Please Please make your system more useful, or we will be forced to find a better accounting program that actually listens to these requests and responds

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also, i note Xero has this functionality.  upgrade your service, or lose our business.  This is what Xero offers:

What you can do

  • Attach files to transactions (such as invoices, quotes, and expense receipts), contacts, manual journals, accounts in your chart of accounts, and inventory items.
  • Send attached files to your customers with their invoices.
  • You can attach the same file to many transactions.
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I've been part of this particular post for 2 years now - me and many others have asked for feedback and information from MYOB in respect of your plans for electronic doc storage and bills in MYOB Essentials. In that time, there's been almost complete silence from MYOB on the matter.

Over the years I've noticed various frustrated users saying they will leave MYOB as they are so frustrated by the lack of this now basic feature of accts software.

Today I join the departed and confirm my Xero subscription and transition over the next few weeks (which btw Essentials does not make easy).

There are a number of reasons I'm prepared to pay more - one of them is the lack of MYOB's feedback for this continuing issue and Xero's generally good reputation for comms.

I don't know why MYOB have the forum if you don't take notice of it.

For me now it's too late and in some ways I'll miss Essentials' excellent UI even if the overall user experience leaves a slightly sour taste.


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It rather looks like I will also be taking my business elsewhere in the new financial year. At this point the feature is less important to me than the lack of response and customer care; it seems to me that MYOB just don't care.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for reaching out to us with your comments and votes.


I’m sorry that there hasn’t been a recent update on this Idea. We understand that SmartBills/InTray is a very useful feature of MYOB Essentials and expanding its scope to other areas of the program would be a welcome enhancement. The great news is that our team is currently continuing to enhance this feature and working on improving the reliability of data extraction. However, expanding its scope, to support attachments on transactions other than bills, is currently not on the immediate roadmap. That said, it is something that our team will consider for future work.


In the meantime, there are several add-on solutions that you may consider:

SquirelStreet  (

ReceiptBank – Current in Beta (


I’d like to also take this opportunity to reassure you all that we, MYOB, most definitely do read these posts - in fact the Ideas Exchange has been one of the biggest sources of candidates for the ongoing improvements delivered in the MYOB Essentials range. So far 110 Ideas on from this board have been implemented in MYOB Essentials (not to mention the 175 for AccountRight!). 


We therefore request you to continue supporting the ideas that you want to see most in our products. Based on the feedback on this board, one of the top most requested ideas in MYOB Essentials - the ability to customise statements and further invoice options {new payment options} is going to be implemented in the coming weeks.

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I suspect MYOB aren't willing to forkout for the storage required to keep the documents in the cloud for their loyal customers.  Maybe they could offer the feature for an additional charge.  Oh wait, other programs (like Xero) cost less and also provide storage of these documents for their customers.  Hmmmm......