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Invoice line without value

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There needs to be an option in invoice settings whereby the first line can be text only without having to allocate an account, tax type or amount.  Currently I have to allocate an account, tax type and zero $value to a text only line.  For example I wish to give details of the job completed and then in subsequent lines record the hours worked and materials used.  An option similar to Account Right whereby you can insert a Header line without a $value.

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i agree with this, this is exactly my problem. However my problem is in Accountright Basics. Please change.

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We have the same issue. It doesn't look very professional sending out invoices with a zero in the first entry where there is only an address and description of work completed.

We would love a description only first line.


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Yes, to be able to have header lines would be great.  Often I need to provide breakdowns on our invoices, such as date headers.

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This would be great, we often need to give our jobs a name and then separate items for invoicing underneath with corresponding costs.

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Yes please. This would be great!!

Would like to see this idea implemented. This has been posted as an idea quite a few times over the past few years that I can see.