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Please can we have the ability to customise our forms, invoices and statements etc? I want to be able to include my logo on my statements. I'd love to be able to add to my invoices a paypal (or other) web address for people wanting to pay by credit card. I'd like to be able to change the wording on emailed invoices. Arrrgh. So frustrating!

Current Status: Under consideration

Thanks for the great idea. Anyone else who would like to see additional customisation, PayPal and credit card payment options added to invoices, please cast your vote on this idea.

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Good Morning,


We have only just started using MYOB Essentials this year (June 2015) so far we like the program, its simple and easy to use as I do not have a strong accouting/bookkeeping background. However we are very dissapointed in the fact that we are unable to customise our customer statements.

They look very basic, plain and unprofessional. We are looking at wanting to add our business logo and our bank details. These simple things should be able to be customised already.


Im hoping that this can be brought into the program sooner rather than later, i have read a few posts recently regarding customisation of statements, that dated back to 2012, and still the problem is on going. Seems clear to me that something needs to be done ... yesterday!


Looking forward to your reply.

Kehani - AJM Diesel Repairs

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Thank you for your suggestion @AJMDieselRepair


Customising Statements has been suggested here and is one of the popular ideas. I've merged your idea post here and combined the votes, the number of votes would help our developers to prioritise their work, hopefully this feature can be added in the near future. 


Another option you might consider is switching to AccountRight (PC)/AccountEdge (MAC) products, compare to Essentials Accounting they have more advanced features and customisations available, customising statements is one of them. However it does mean you will need to setup a new file if you do make the switch.


Kind regards


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We will certainly welcome this feature. Very frustrating not being able to put customised notes in to all customers without having to type it separately on each invoice. Please implement this sooner rather than later :-)

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We would also like the ability to have more than one template/form (for sending to clients who want to pay with Bartercard). 

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I really can't believe that there is only 1 invoice template in this program and feel really annoyed that I did not pick up on this before recommending the software to my client. My client is really dismayed that they have 'upgraded' to cloud accounting and can't produce an invoice for each trading name as he has been doing for the past decade on his old MYOB system. Surely a second template at least is not that hard to implement.

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Hi there


One company I am subcontracting through wants me to charge the full sales price on my invoice and then have a -25% total column (management fee - which they receive) at the end. Unfortunately your invoice template does not allow me to do this (I called the MYOB contact centre and was told this was not possible). Can you please add more options for total and debit columns on your invoicing template to assist with real world accounting? That would be awesome thanks.



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Hi @peter_b


Thank you for taking the time to vote for this idea, and posting details of your suggestion here. We've passed your feedback to the relevant team, hopefully it will be added in the future. 


Please feel free to browse and post on the forum at any time. 

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Please update MYOB Essentials Invoicing!!! 

MYOB Essentials needs to include the ability to display customer details (aside from just name and address) on invoices.  We need to have the ability to show customer phone, email and ABN at the least.  Please consider urgently.

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Hi @sincityrims


Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials

I've merged your idea with this one already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

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MYOB Essentials seems to be a joke lacking a lot of the basic features that were even in their old programs, as this idea was submitted now over 2 years ago I doubt this will ever happen. I’m surprised this wasn’t one of the first features I mean what kind of business doesn’t use customise invoices.