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Dearest MYOB I love you so much, but I HATE the new FONT, SIZE OF FONT, STRENGTH OF FONT AND COLOUR OF FONT! It was PERFECT before!!! Now , it just all looks like the same thing! Nothing stands out and its hard to read and concentrate. 

I know it may look MODERN but we need effective.... Please change it back.....

Also, we love MYOB because its MYOB, you dont need to change everything.

Please change it back,

Thank you 

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I couldnt agree more.

I have to put more force into being able to read when before it was a breeze! 

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yes!!! I actually find it harder to read! Font is way too small. 

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I absolutely agree. The ratio of print to white page is tiny.  The small font size is hard to see and requires more concentration to focus on. Please Please enlarge it and make the colurs more contratsing.  The total appearance is pale and weak.   BE BOLD!

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How about adding new features and giving us a product that meets the needs of the MYOB user rather skinning (putting lipstick on a pig) - so many feature requests and you guys spend time do this. 


Come June I am out of here unless thee is some real feature devlopement slated.

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I like the new look, BUT it is just a bit light and difficult to read.