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PAYG payment summaries

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I am trailing Live accounts for the payroll section only. When looking at the PAYG Summary report is prints a page out with figures so you can write out the PAYG Summary. I haven't written them out since the dark ages. I been told that you will now be able to send the emdupe file to ATO, why can't you print PAYG Summaries out as well.

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I'm happy to announce that the new PAYG payment summary system will be available in LiveAccounts at the end of June. It will allow you to electronically send the PAYG payment summaries to the ATO and print out the summaries for your employees.

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Excellent Thanks for letting us know Stephen



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Thank you all for your interest in this feature. 


The ability of creating payment summaries EMPDUPE file has been implemented in Essentials Accounting for a while. As such, we are closing this idea thread.