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I would like to have the function on my myob LiveAccounts to enable me to create a Remittance Advice to send to my suppliers to advise of a payment made. 


Currently when I print an expense (that has already been entered with a payment) to a supplier it produces a 'Purchase Order' document showing the expense, and the payment made.  However it would be more suitable for the document to be a 'Remittance Advice' and also have details on the document showing the bank information of the supplier in which the payment has been made to.




Current Status: Under consideration

Thank you for your suggestion. We would be happy to consider this as a feature to be added in a future release of LiveAccounts. It would be great to get an idea of the demand for this by the rest of the community, so if you would like to see this added please remember to vote and comment.

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I would like to see added to MYOB Essentials the facility to pay supplier invoices electronically in bulk (as with payroll), and also to automatically produce Remittance Advice.  I recently moved across from MYOB Account Right and miss these features.

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Why has this not become a function yet?  Please advise if this is going to become available soon or not as I am seriously getting tired of things needing to be upgraded and not available like the Balance Sheet report when reporting on a cash basis.

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This is a joke!! Come on MYBO!! Listen to your customers!!!!

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REmittance slips are very important and many businesses require this with payment. Please make this a priority.

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Hi all moderators, could someone please update us users when this will be implemented.


As can be seen with the repeated plees for it to be included in MYOB Essentials, many users require this most basic of functions; and it has been 'Under Consideration' for almost four years now! Has the person doing the consideration maybe moved on since then and no-one has noticed that no-one is now considering this request?

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How disappointing, I have just done my first payment to a supplier and went looking for the 'email remittance' button.

I thought MYOB has been around for years, this is why we left XERO years ago with another business, no remittance is just plain unacceptable.

Please Please surely it's not that hard to implement?


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I agree this option is ESSENTIAL for all businesses!!! We're in 2017 and to have to manually create a remittance advice is just annoying!

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"Waiter, my soup is cold!"
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These guys have lost their customer focus and ability to keep up with the market.

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Absolutely essential.