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When you run a profit and loss report for a particular month and then drill down into a line to see what is in that amount, once you go back it re runs the report for the standard 1 July to date, not the actual month you wanted.  So every time you want a particular month and drill down you have to reselect the report month again. It should take you back to the actual month report you wanted not default to YTD report.

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Hi there @Allertonj,


Thanks for your post. I've just tested this out on my end and wasn't able to replicate the issue you were referring to. Could you perhaps tell us a little bit more about how you've going back to the report after drilling down into a line? What are the exact steps you're taking when the date range reverts back to the first of July?




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Hi Tallie,


You can see this by running a profit & loss report for a period, say beginning to end of month, then drill down into the account & then transaction details. Then if you try to go back to the report, the start date for the period will change (revert) to 1 July.