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Tab across the table in receive money

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Can it be made possible to tab across the table in receive money in myob essentials, you can do it in spend money and purchases etc but for some reason not in receive money

Experienced Cover User mariad
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I second this. The inability to tab between fields is very frustrating.  Even more so when it works in some screens but not in others.

Partner Rachel_Ivic
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This seems such a simple fix!  Not being able to tab when entering receive money is extremly frustrating as it multiplys the data entry time.  Also I find that often when selecting a gl code it doesn't stay put and have to reselect it again.  I know the data entry for a receive money can also be done via the bank rec window but using receive money is better when there is a lot to enter.

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Can you please allow the function to be able to tab through a Receive Money Transaction.  It's incredibly annoying when entering a lot of data and i can not understand why it would be set up not to do this from the beginning.  I understand if you have bank feeds set up that it's not as big of an issue, we don't have bank feeds set up nor do we plan to therefore its hugely frustrating on a regular basis.  It's common sense to tab through these transactions for entry.  


Contributing Cover User laurenhasqs
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yes agreed. even if you do use bank feeds there is still sometimes the need to enter a manual trans here and there. Im coming from having used account right live for many years prior to essentials and its 'engrained in my fingers'  and it doesnt bloody work. so frustrating. please fix it.