MYOB Portal - What's New? 28/10/2015

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MYOB Portal - What's New? 28/10/2015

Ever wanted to share a document or task in a Portal with an Auditor, bookkeeper or bank without giving them access to all the documents in the Portal?


Well now  you can! Check out the new Contributor feature in Portal. For more details see Help.


Also for those who have been eagerly awaiting your formatting to be retained when publishing a document - Its now available, as are basic formatting options.


Happy Portaling!

Lisa Miks
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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd
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Re: MYOB Portal - What's New? 28/10/2015

To expand on Lisa's post - 


You're now able to add 2 different types of users to a client portal:

  • a user with full access to the portal - who can see all documents and associated tasks


  • users who are contributors with restricted access to documents and tasks.

To give you some ideas on where you might want to use a contributor:

You've created a portal for your client, Jane Clear, who is a sole trader and she is a full access user with access to everything in her portal. Jane is refinancing her business loan and her bank has requested that she provide them with a number of documents in order to secure the loan. As her accoutant, you're able to add the bank as a contributor to Jane's portal so that they can access the document that they need. The bank won't be have access to the whole portal, only to the documents that you allow them to view. This saves you time and resources in photocopying the documents and mailing them to the bank; and the bank can access the documents immediately speeding up the process of approving the business loan. This is shown in the diagram below.




You can select the user type when you create a portal:





You're also able to add new full access users or contributors when you're editing a portal:





You're able to assign a task to a full access user and/or contributor when you're publishing a document to a portal:





And if the user isn't currently in your database, you're able to add them when you need to by selecting the Create new user option:



 And as Lisa mentioned, we've also added a simple rich text editor to text boxes. You'll see the rich text editor when you're typing an email description to your clients whilst creating a task and when writing a comment to your clients. This means that you can now enter a new line of text, bold text and retain all the formatting.


For more details, see the Help.



Technical Writer

MYOB Australia Pty Ltd


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Re: MYOB Portal - What's New? 28/10/2015

Oops! Forgot to mention the Share It feature in the above list  -


We've included a Share It button on your desktop MYOB Practice Solutions toolbar so that you can easily transfer documents directly to your portal. Share It is available:


  • within any priint preview window of Australian MYOB Tax
  • within the print preview window of Australian MYOB Corporate Compliance, e.g., for reports accessed from the Reports menu and on any forms
  • on the Statutory Reporter Report Preview window.

For those of you using Document Manager, we've extended the Share It feature to enable you to publish documents directly to your portal.


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