human error

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human error

I have accidentally put the hours in annual leave instead of ordinary time. Is there a way to fix it after finalising pays?

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Re: human error



If you are using MYOB AccountRight you can enter an adjustment pay where you reverse the annual leave hours and reenter them as ordinary hours, thereby resetting the emaployees annual leave hours.

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Re: human error

Hi @locks,


Welcome to the Community forum @locks and hope you find this useful and thanks to @Nicquel_Walker for helping out. 


In NZ Payroll software, firstly you can enter an adjustment pay to reverse the error. Print the payslip and reverse everything on that payslip by entering it as a negative/ opposite operation of mathematics. For example, Annual Leave would be entered as negative to correct as initially, you may have entered as a positive figure. Once you have reversed the pay then you will enter it correctly and check if it does affect month-end reports. 


Secondly, another option is to restore your backup if it is not long ago. Please note that when you restore the data it will wipe out till the date you restore the back till and enter the pay from that date forward. 


Please let us know how you go as we are happy to assist further.


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Re: human error

HI there @locks

If it's only the ord time paid instead of annual leave - you don't need to reverse the whole pay. Just put another pay in for that employee with a negative ORD hours and positive ANHL - making sure that the leave rates are the same - this will result in a nil balance pay - and correct the leave balance. If the leave rate is higher than the ordinary rate (due to average daily pay), then it would be best to reverse the whole pay and re-do to re-calculate the tax correctly - then you can pay the employee the difference.

Jennie Kingma
JK Business Systems Ltd, Hamilton, NZ
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