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Charity end of year tax receipts

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Charity end of year tax receipts

Wondering if anyone knows of a way to do this as I can only get receipts to print for individual transactions rather than a grouping of transactions for an individual card which is what is needed for end of year tax receipts.  I am hoping to find a way of doing it from within MYOB rather than having to export to Excel and then trying to mailmerge the totals.  Thinking that there are probably other charities using MYOB that may have the same issue???  Many thanks for any assistance Smiley Happy

Megan Rutherford, Levin Anglican Parish
Former Staff Will_H
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Re: Charity end of year tax receipts

We can't print a receipt for a grouped transaction, however if the reporting requirement is to be able to show all of the payments someone has made to you, there are several reports that you could use, depending on exactly how you entered the transactions.  As you didn't specify which program you were using, the answers I'm giving are based on you using one of the AccountRight range of programs.


If you have been entering invoices in the Sales Register and receiving payments againt hem, the report I would run would be:

Sales > Customer > Customer Payments [Closed Invoices] report.  This would allow you to get a list of every payment you've received from the customer that you could print off.


If you have been entering money received directly as receive moneys, I would recommend using  the following report:

Card > Cards > Card Transactions [Accrual].  This will allow you to view a complete list of all transactions to do with the card, which again you could print off.

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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Re: Charity end of year tax receipts

I am trying to solve this issue by using statements as this way I can customise it as there is certain information you are required to have on a receipt that the closed invoices report does not containt nor does printing from the card file record.


I have customised the statement to only contain payments but I cannot get a total of payments to appear on the statement. There are figures for the opening and closing balance so if only you could get a figure to total the payments. Is this possible?

Community Manager Suja_P
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Re: Charity end of year tax receipts

Hi Sairbear,


Thank you for your enquiry.


There is unfortunately no Data Field available in the Statement to include the Total of the Payments received during a period.


Depending on the version of the software that you are using, you should be able to add additional fields to the Closed Payments report:


AccountRight v19 and prior : From the Report Fields tab of the Report Customisation window

AccountRight v2011 and later: Insert / Modify tab >> Show / Hide Icopn on the right.


If you are unable to locate and add all the necessary fields to the report, another option may be to contact our Developer Comminuty for an add-on solution for a custom report.

Kind regards,

Suja Pillai
Social Support and Community Manager
MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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