can' restore a file online

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can' restore a file online

Hi i have had my file fixed by myob and now that i have it back i have been trying for 2 days to upload it i have tried different times of the day i tried it over night and i keep getting failed it appears to go to about 80% and then says connection lost . i have tried both from inside the file clicking  go online ( upload this file) and from the start menu of restore a backup .  I have closed everything else on the computer and still  failed . NOTHING WORKS , i need the file online so that  more then one person can use the file .  Can ANYONE please offer me advise.


thnak you in advance



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Re: can' restore a file online

Hi @sam1914,


We're sorry we haven't gotten back to you a lot sooner. I can see that the file in the cloud is already in the latest version. I hope everything is going well now.


Otherwise, do let us know.


If you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to post here in the community forum.

Kind regards,
Client Support Representative

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