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Docket Printers

Can anyone tell me why my Docket printer wont print sales dockets when the 40 col printer is set but if changed to a A4 docket it with print on the docket printer ???

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Re: Docket Printers



What sort of docket printer do you have, is it USB, serial or parallel, what version of windows and RetailManager are you running?


With this I might be in the same ball park as you.

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Re: Docket Printers

Same  as post ABalym 


I Have a customer that recently up graded there computers and wanted RM migrated over from Win XP to Win 7 64bit Home  Prem  


there configuration is now


Win Home Prem 64bit


Epson TM-T88iv recipt printer ( was parallel port now USB card installed in printer )


and i have the same issue can print A4 but when col 40 is selected is un-selects the printer in the RM printer setup

i can send a windows test print to the epson  and if A4 is slected in RM it prints the left side of the docket.


woul like to get the col 40 to work sothe cash draw opens after printing a receipt. if any one can help me would be much appreciated. Smiley LOL



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Re: Docket Printers

V9 and Win7 don't mix well ... if USB then virtual drivers are needed

Do you need onsite support?- check: