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Driver for Epson TM T88IV Receipt Printer running in Windows 7?

Can't find a driver that works with Epson TM T88IV Receipt printer to run under Windows 7? Tried and tried to find one. I went to www, and joined and logged in - for developers. Tried all the offerings-. I either got error messages that said - "please obtain software for a 32-bit system" (I have a 32-bit system!!), or "the software you are trying to install will only work under WinXP/Win2000. You do not have WinXP/2000." It seems that Epson is simply not even trying to make a show of supporting any of their business POS Retail Thermal Line printers. Regards - Philip
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Re: Driver for Epson TM T88IV Receipt Printer running in Windows 7?

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Hi Phillip,


Sorry to hear about the difficulties you had in finding a suitable driver.

Was it the Epson USB to Serial emulator that you were looking for? If so, you can find it by going to then click on ‘Device Driver’ under the ‘Software’ Category.

On the following page, you will find a section that lists the download files for the ‘TM Virtual Port Driver’. This includes Windows 7 drivers.


There is a very good Support note on it, just click the link below


If you still have issues with the file, you could contact Epson support on 1300 361 054.