Retail Manager Report Request

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Retail Manager Report Request

I use Retail Manager, and would like to print a report which shows my current stock, layby's and what I have ordered on one report for my stock. This is so I can see if I need to realign my orders.

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Re: Retail Manager Report Request

HI @LenieH


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information.


Although there is not one report which shows all three of those sources information, you could cross reference the information on the Whats in Stock Detailed report and What’s on Order reports to see what is currently in stock and what is on order.


If you were wanting to see all of this information on a single report, you would need to use a custom report. Due to the program that the reports are written in, you would need to find a specialist like @Stuart_Donaldson who is familiar with customising reports for RetailManager. He may have already written a report that contains what you would like or may be able to assist with providing you a customised report for this.


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have

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Re: Retail Manager Report Request

I can help you with this if you would like a new RetailManager Report.

Contact me off forum for details.

I also have an app that you might find useful for this called WhatHaveIGot...


Stuart Donaldson
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49 Ternes Rd, Upwey, Vic 3158
Ph: 0418 148569

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