Retail manager reports

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Retail manager reports



Can you please tell me if there is a report in retail manager that will give me customers with no sales.




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Re: Retail manager reports

HI @Midtown

Thanks for your question. 


The reports within RetailManager are based upon the sales that are going through the system. The customer specific reports do report on the sales and currently there is no report that specifically shows customers who haven’t purchased from you in a specific period of time.


If you were curious as to when a particular customer last purchased from you, then you can go into your Customers profile and click on the Purchases tab. This will bring up the history of your customers purchases, and you will be able to see the last date that they purchased from you


Please do feel free to post any other questions that you may have

Kind regards,
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Re: Retail manager reports

Here's four possible ways you could get the information you want, other than the tedious process of opening every single costomer card, and what you chose would depend on how regularly you wanted that information


1)  You could export both the Customers and Sales (Dockets). Open the resulting .txt files in Excel and you have all the data you need. Use Excel wizardry to filter, sort and join the data you want


2) You could use a database tool to run a query over the data (outside of RM). This is not so straight forward as it used to be given the extreme old age of the underlying technology.


3) While there is no field in the Customer table for last sale, you could use a database query to write a value into one of the Custom Fields in the Customer table, and then filter your Customer report by that value


4) It should also be possible to write a report outside of RM using Crystal Reports or similar so long as they can read the data.


Post again if you need help pursuing one of the above


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Re: Retail manager reports

I can help you with this report quite easily... contact me off forum for details.

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