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Setting a default tax code in the sales window for RM?

I am wanting to send an export order to Australia and invoice items with no G.S.T - is there anyway I can change a setting so my complete invoice does not include G.S.T? without having to click and change the tax code for each item as I  am invoicing,

I am invoices large quantities and with a barcode scanner and it does not make sense to have to change the tax code for each item?


I realise you can change the default tax codes but this only applies to when the goods are received and since th majority of invoicing is in new zealand I do not want to change this nor create a whole new stock duplicate with N-T tax code?


Any help please....Fustrating?

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Re: Setting a default tax code in the sales window for RM?

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Try changing your settings under Setup -> Options -> GST

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Re: Setting a default tax code in the sales window for RM?



Unfortunately, there is no way to change all of the tax codes of items on a sale to exclude GST. You must change the tax codes of the prices individually. 


I will document an enhancement for a future version of RetailManager to cover this scenario


The only workaround I can think of is;


  1. Set your Australian customers up as suppliers.
  2. Make sure the check box 'registered for GST' is not selected in their Supplier Information screen
  3. Perform a 'Returned Goods' transaction for the export order.
  4. The stock quantities of your items will reduce as they would if you raised an invoice
  5. There will be no tax calculation because you did not select that option in the Supplier Informations screen.



The only issue is that you would probably need to get your Returned Goods invoice layout customised, so that it looks more like a Tax Invoice. There are RetailManager Professionals that can help you with this using a program called Crystal Reports.


I hope this helps.



Alan Osman