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Bank deposit workflows & St George

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Bank deposit workflows & St George

I'm currently getting up to speed on the bank deposits process, and seeing how that can make my life a little easier.


From reading of the Premier user guide (Pg 49), on the Prepare Bank Deposit screen you can print out the bank deposit information. Doing this would save me having to handwrite all this information (check details, amounts, etc) onto the bank deposit summary book - let alone having to re-add things up to make double and triple sure that the total amounts are correct.


Are there any St George customers who use the print out from this screen in lieu of their Deposit/Summary book? (St George Form No. 44119)


Did you have any problems getting your branch to accept this print-out in lieu of their deposit book, and if so what were they?


And generally - does anyone have an example of this print out they can share to show what it looks like?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Bank deposit workflows & St George

You can have all the details the bank would need to accept the bank deposit slip printed from MYOB as long as you enter the details when recording the payment.  The main item that would change from deposit to deposit is the chq number.


There are no laws that govern what you need to supply when depositing your money.  The only common sense detail is what bank account you want the money to go to.  The only thing would be that if you dont fill in your deposit slip, you may have some very unhappy bank staff but you will never find that the banks refuse to take your money.  How would they make all their extra cash on the short term money market if they havent got your money to play with?


So in other words, if you want to use the printout from myob you can and the more details you include and can have for yourself the better.  I have now had two clients as well as myself have chqs that have been deposited somehow 'go missing' in the banking system and we have had to get replacement chqs and the other side have had to arrange stop payment.


Have a look in reports, bank deposit slip, to see what details/fields can be included.

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Re: Bank deposit workflows & St George

Some of my clients use this facility with ANZ and BankWest with real estate trust accounts, no problems at all.

The only thing that I insisted on was to print two copies of the deposit slip and have the bank teller stamp and initial it.

This is then your paper trail in case anything goes missing.


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Re: Bank deposit workflows & St George

Thanks MummaMia and kim_cottrell, a bit of reassurance always goes a long way.


I've confirmed today with my usual St George branch (Joondalup WA) that they will happily accept the MYOB-produced bank deposit slip - as long as:

  • individual cheque numbers are included with each deposit line, and
  • merchant paper (ie manual vouchers/offline credit cards) are correctly seperated.


And yes, two copies of the slip are advisable, one obviously for the bank teller to keep, and one for the customer which they can stamp and sign in the usual method to confirm the deposit.


However, going through the process in MYOB today has given rise to some extra questions - namely, Is it possible to change the default layout of this report?


Changing the default report is quite important as I am not always the person completing the process, and I would prefer that the default form displayed when they do the process via Command Centre > Banking > Prepare Bank Deposit.


I cannot find how to modify this report for the life of me, and there doesn't seem to be an option to modify this form via Setup > Customise Forms (which I know is another way to produce, and also noted by MummaMia). Further, I cannot determine what the individual form number is, let alone if there is a way to directly 'load' this report into the 'edit' mode of Customise.


Also, one of the column titles of the form isn't as descriptive as it should be, and the merchant paper is summarsed/grouped by the payment type (visa, mastercard) - not just a sub-total of these payment types on their own. (Granted, I could solve this one by having a single payment type of credit card - but that defeats the purpose of correctly seperating the card type).


Thanks all for the help, and any further input to solve the default report layout editing issue is greatly appreciated.

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