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Adjustment for Previous Payroll Year

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Adjustment for Previous Payroll Year



I realised I made a posting error in a couple of employees payroll regarding their leave entitlements. I would like to re-process their payrolls as there are not that many payroll periods affected. I have deleted them so that I can process again the correct payrolls...I know that perhaps you might scream at me in alarm at deleting but I did not know how else to most accurately correct the problem. However silly me have now realised a few of the payroll I must re-process are from FY 09/10 which of course has been rolled over. What do I do?! My initial response is to open the pre-payroll rollover MYOB file and then re-process etc however I have not done this before and don't want to mess things up...I'm concerned the only way I can open it is by opening the current file, then restoring the pre-payroll rollover file but that will mess with the current year. If anyone can shed light on my mess and advise what is the best course of action to correct this, I'd appreciate it.



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Re: Adjustment for Previous Payroll Year

Hi Leah,


You can extract the datafiles from the .zip file where they are located using any zip extractor - it is built in to Win 7 & Vista.  Save the files to where you want to use them and change the name of the file by adding the words "Pay2010" to the end of the file name.  If you want to use the MYOB file restore option you can change the location of where the file will be saved during the process abd MYOB will not allow you to overwrite the current file.


The brought forward balances in the current file need to be fixed in the employee cards in the Payroll tab under the Entitlements area.



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