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Late superannuation payment - how do I enter in MYOB?

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Late superannuation payment - how do I enter in MYOB?

I had a staff member who turned 18 in January, which made her eligible to receive super. However I did not remember to change the necessary setting in MYOB (for super to automatically get calculated when I do her pay). Smiley Sad

I had to look back at her wages and I calcuated she was owed $390 in super for the period I missed. I sent a cheque off to the super fund. Now for the problems....

1. How do I enter this cheque so it comes up in my staff superannuation liability account? Is it some kind of general journal entry and what exactly should I be doing?

2. More importantly, when I roll over my payroll, her Super figure is not going to be accurate in the reports/summaries.... unless there is a way I can attribute that payment to her super.....

I would appreciate any help.. THANKS

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Re: Late superannuation payment - how do I enter in MYOB?

Just go in and enter a paycheque as normal for this employee which is dated 30/6 but only enter the super amount at the bottom of the payscreen (clear any wages, taxes or annual or sick leave accruals) Enter both Positive and negative amount of the super so it equals and balances back to zero.  The paycheque will stay as a nil amount and you will get a warning that it is a void paycheque.  Click ok.


This will add the super to all the payroll reports and also allocate the payment made to the super fund back to the liability account to clear it out.

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Re: Late superannuation payment - how do I enter in MYOB?


Now I can do my rollover for Payroll tonight as planned

Smiley Happy

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