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Superannuation on Bonus

A company i do payroll for pay weekly bonuses to employees that are solely based on performance.  In my mind that means super is to be paid on these amounts.


when i process the pays in MYOB V19, the payroll system does not include the bonus amount in gross wages.  For example:


Wages   500

Bonus      50

Commission  100

Total Gross Wages 650


Super 9% $54


how do i change it to include bonus automatically every week?  or do i have to manually change the wages?



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Re: Superannuation on Bonus

Hi Deb


MYOB comes default with Bonus payments exempt from Super. If you wish to change that you have to go Payroll Categories>superannuation >Superannuation or other type of Super if applicable then click on the arrow to the left to open the window. At the bottom of the screen there is an Exempt button click on this and untick Bonus.

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