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superannuation on salary and base hourly rates

I have 2 types of pays.  Gross salaries and base hourly.  Base hourly is paid super on hourly rate and not on overtime.  Gross salary staff are paid on gross for the fortnight.   I want to calculate the 9% guarantee for both groups for same superannuation company.

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Re: superannuation on salary and base hourly rates

Hello Barbiel,


We have an excellent support note for setting up Superannuation Guarantee calculations, which can be found here:

Checking and adjusting superannuation calculations


Following the instructions in this support note will certainly allow you to set up a single guarantee to cover all employees, you can use the exempt button to mark wage categories that should not calculate superannuation (you've indicated your Overtime category is one of these) as being exempt from Superannuation calculations.

Kind regards,

MYOB Client Support

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