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Can I print a general ledger report (detailed) with gst tax inclusive?


I have a very old copy of myob ie about 2001 First Accounts: I only use it for the cheque book facility to keep track of my expenses.  The accountant has asked me for a general ledger report (detailed) that is inclusive of tax.  It's gotta be possible, but I cant find any general ledger options gving me the choice of generating a report either with tax in or tax out.  Of course the GST reports give that option but then the printout is grouped according to tax rcodes and not related to Chart of Accounts.

This is probably so basic, so thank you if someone can rescue me from spending any more time on my tax return!!



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Re: Can I print a general ledger report (detailed) with gst tax inclusive?

The GL detailed report, even in today's version, does not include a GST-inclusive field. It's unusual to want this on a report, as the whole point of accounting is to separate the GST component. If you were to print a cashbook report, those figures would all be inclusive of course. 


I'd be seeking clarification from your accountant as to his request and the reasons for it. 

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