Export your profit & loss reports to display them your way

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New to the Profit & loss Beta is one of our most exciting features yet - exporting your profit & loss report as a PDF or Excel file.


Exporting profit & loss reports


Have you created an insightful profit & loss report and want to share it with your team? Or just want to print it out to store offline? Now you can in just a few simple steps!

From within the Profit & loss Beta page, click Export to display the dropdown menu.


export dropdown.png


You have the option to export the report as an Excel file...


export excel.png


or as a PDF file.


export pdf.png


On the PDF file, the accounts and time spans are clearly displayed and evenly spaced, so nothing is cut off or lost between pages.


When they finish downloading, the exported files can be found in your Downloads folder. What you do with them next is up to you!

For more information on the Profit & loss Beta report, check out the MYOB Essentials help centre.