AccountRight Premier 19.14 cannot load full transaction list

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AccountRight Premier 19.14 cannot load full transaction list

When attempting to open a Job with a moderate number of transactions it will successfully open when the window is small only displaying 3 transactions and allow the list to be (slowly) scrolled through.  When the window is expanded or maximised to display a greater number of transactions at once though the transaction list partially populates before refreshing again and again and again. 

MYOB has been uninstalled and reinstalled on the PC, as has the antivirus software with no impact on the issue.


While the job is continually re-populating the computers resources are barely utilised other than network which is receiving a constant 12Mbps.


The job can be successfully viewed on other computers on the network so I don't think it is an issue with the data file.  Network cables have been swapped and the PC has no other network issues.



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Re: AccountRight Premier 19.14 cannot load full transaction list



My guess is that you are running a very large file that perhaps hasn't been rolled over for a few years.

One thing in v19 that tends to slow it down is some very small bits of data that MYOB creates for virtually every transaction. Thinks like a record of every cheque, receipt, remittance advice, payroll cheque etc.

Over time these bits and pieces fragment the file and contribute to the time taken to perform any given task.

The way to deal with them is to send them to .PDF printer and from there to a junk file on the desktop to eventually go to the trash can.

If you have your accountants adjustment journals for FY2016 then you should roll that year out of the file as this will purge the closed invoices/bills.

Once you have been through each of the command windows and dumped as much rubbish as possible and rolled the file if that is an option - do an Optimize and Verify. This should defragment the file and hopefully speed it up.

Ron B
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Re: AccountRight Premier 19.14 cannot load full transaction list

Thanks Ron,


This particular data file is actually quite small, only 13mths old. 

The issue is only being encountered on 1 of 3 PC's accessing the data file so I hope we can find the actually cause.

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Re: AccountRight Premier 19.14 cannot load full transaction list

Hi @PattCon

Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of helpful information


Great to see that @ronatbas has already offered some assistance on this, I do hope you found it helpful.


The first thing I would try would be to take a copy of the datafile and put it on the computer that is having these issues loading the report slowly. Once the file is copied over open it on the new computer and see if the report performs the same. This is going to give you an indication of whether or not the network is playing a factor in this slow report access.


Assuming the network is not a factor of the report running slowly, then it would suggest that something is slowing down that computer. Whilst the antivirus is the first culprit to consider, I would start by closing down all other programs on that computer, including the antivirus and anything else that might be running to see if it makes a difference when the file is local to that computer.


Once you have tested out the file running locally I would try opening the file across the network to see if you notice any difference in the report running with all programs closed. If it works as expected then start opening the other programs one or two at a time until you see which programs impact on the running of this report the most.


Do let us know how you get on with this

Kind regards,
MYOB Client Support
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