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3 years ago

myob payby not linking in bank feeds



Bank Feeds have two issues,

1. If an entry is "Manually " entered the bank feed cannot be allocated to it again, or else a duplicate transactiuon is created.  It would be very beneficial to be able to remove or deactivate a bank transaction without having to email MYOB and requesting an entire days worth of transactions be cleared. 

2. MYOB PAYBY transactions for a customer invoice payment are automatically transacted as a payment receiopt against the invoice, however they are not being registered against the bank feed , and thus due to point number 1 above, they remain now as a UNALLOCATED transcation.


I would appreciate any advice on the above matters thank you



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    Hi denebdesign 

    Apologies for the delay in response and thanks for your feedback on this.

    Regarding your first query, when bank feeds are set up, the daily feeds from the bank will be sent to the file automatically thereby eliminating the need to do manual data entry. If you have at instances imported the transactions manually, the bank feeds would need to be deleted or removed. MYOB Essentials does not have that feature on the user end due to which such requests have to be escalated to our team to remove the entire day's data. However, I understand how having such functionality would be useful.

    MYOB Payby payments from different customers will be recorded as unmatched, and you'll receive a daily lump sum deposit in a clearing account in the software. This amount from the clearing account will need to be sent to the bank account you're reconciling so it can be matched against the bank feeds. More information on this can be found in the Online Invoice Payments help article.