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Name:  xxxxxx

Account number xxxxx

Busniess name: xxxxxxx


I can't log into my account.  It says that I don't have a busniess (as per photo) when I log into myob essentials or when I go to myaccount details it says I have no product or subscription (as per photo).  But I am paying for a subscription.  For some reason apparently my account was "cancelled" which is should not have been and since then I have not been able to log into it.  I have contacted the IT team who keep asking me to do the same freaking things and no one seems to know what is happening with my account as according to their end I am up and running.  so why can't i log in???  And when I speak to IT after 30 mins they claim to no longer be able to hear me and then hang up on me.  This has happened multiple times.  your wait times are 2 1/2 hours to speak to some one so when you get hung up on its incredible frustrating.  I am this close to packing myob in and going somewhere else.




*Account information removed by MYOB Moderator for privacy and security, ^TH

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  • Hi Hannah78


    Sorry to hear about this. Looking at our records your currently using Essentials accounting, I can see that you're logging into, this will not bring up your account. To access the account you need to go to 


    Do let me know how you go or if you have any troubles. 


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        Hi Hannah78


        Apologies can you please try, if this doesn't work can you please try via a different browser. 


        Do let me know how you go.