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2 years ago


Im aware MYOB is highly prioritising to fix this issue, but its really stuffed me up with my pays as we dont use the browser MYOB and only use the desktop version. But with this problem we have to use the broswer version for it to report "positive value" salalry sacrifice deductions. Our browser version timed out 3x times (unneccesarilty as we didnt leave it to time out) on Monday and it caused our pays to be triplcated to everyone! luckily no one was paid 3x times and we had to reverse 2x pays, but it has thrown out our GL clearning account and the STP reporting. Im still waiting for a call back from Monday after lodging a case to get this resolved. 


Not to mention making our accounts look horrible with all the ins and outs transactions. 


Its really terrible that MYOB encouraged/allowed everyone to switch to Phase 2 when clearly MYOB wasnt ready for it. The amount of time i have spent trying to fix this issue along with the STP YTD verification report issue is just crazy. And the MYOB customer service is terrible. You cant call them as you will be on hold for 4hrs and then get cut off. Its been a real headache over the past 2 weeks. 


If we could get a status update on when this error CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000389 will be fixed so we can use the desktop version of MYOB again and not run into this same issue of mulitplying transactions and glitching. 


Thank you 

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  • Hi MichaelaJohnson 


    I'm sorry to hear you've had that experience. Reversing those pays shouldn't throw out the clearing account as you'll have two positive transactions, two negatives (reversals) and one correct positive to be cleared as normal. If you can provide more details on that I'll be happy to help further.


    When a pay is reversed an update event is sent to the ATO which corrects the YTD amounts in STP. As long as the YTD amounts are correct in the STP reports you don't need to do anything else.


    This post, ATO error code: CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000389, has more information on that error and how to send reports from the desktop. That post will be updated when further information is available.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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      Hi Tracey, 


      thank you for your repsonse. 


      Yes there is definately a glitch in the background of our MYOB that is throwing out our payroll cleaning account. The clearning account is only showing as a negative amou8nt (the exact amount of 1x payrun) on the front "Accounts listing" page and the Trial balance. When you drill down into the account transactions, the ending balance is actually correct. And all the debits and credits are correct (3x payruns in total, with 2x reversed) so i have no idea why this is now throwing out the GL and trial balance the way it is. 


      It is extremely frustraing. Again today i thought i would try and call and was on hold for 2hrs and 40 mins before i had to hang up and move onto another task. Im still waiting for a call back on my case # 01063460. Its just really really poor customer service on MYOBs behalf that customer should wait this long for support. Especially to do with time critial events such as payroll. 


      If you can help me, Great. But i have a feeling we are going to need someone to remote in and look at this and run somehting in the background to fix it. We would prefer it fixed sooner rather than later to avoid EOM hassles. 


      In Relation to our STP and YTD amounts. They are at $0.00 which is totally incorrect. The STP report went through as a duplicate, not a triplicate like the transactions, entitlements etc and therefore when reversing the 2x incorrect payruns, it seems to have cancelled out them on the STP, thus reporting nothing for this first pay of the new year. Im assuming once we run next weeks pay the STP may update last weeks amounts? Should i say praying it will do this. 


      Can you please advise the status on the CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000389 error and if we can process our payroll next week back in the desktop version to avoid this catastophe of events that happened this week? 


      Thank you 

      Michaela Johnson